Mini Beauty Haul

Hi everyone,

My first beauty haul post! I’ve been really into buying beauty products lately rather than clothes. I’ve been addicted to reading beauty blogs and there are so many products I want to try!

Here is what I got from Superdrug:


MUA Heaven & Earth palette – I have finally jumped on the MUA bandwagon! I can’t actually believe how cheap this range is. I used this palette this morning and the shadow was so pigmented! I think I have finally been converted from using Urban Decay….

MUA lipstick in shade 7 – This was £1!!! I love the colour and plan to stock up on a few different shades. I will post a review on this later in the week.

MUA cream blusher – I think this was £1.50 or something similar. Haven’t tried it yet but I love the texture.

Pond’s Cold Cream – I absolutely love the Pond’s moisturisers so decided to go for this cleanser as it was reduced to £2.99 from £4.99. I love this – I’ll post a review soon.

I really want to get my hands on the Undressed and Undress Me Too palettes by MUA but my local Superdrug didn’t have them in stock so planning a trip to another branch today!

What do you think of MUA?


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