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Marc Jacobs Daisy Purse Spray


Hi everyone,

A sad time has come – my Marc Jacobs Daisy purse spray has almost run out 😦 Yes, okay, I do have a 100ml bottle at home but I just love how cute and dainty this bottle is! And it can fit into bag without much fuss! Note – there is never much room in my handbag as I seem to carry everything I own with me…

Aaaanyway, I just love this scent. It’s not my all time favourite, but it is in the top five. It is light, refreshing and so distinctive, and definitely a product that has lived up to the hype.

You can buy Daisy in various sizes at Fragrance Direct



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Sanctuary Lip Balm

I am a huge fan of Sanctuary Spa products so my mum got me a set for Christmas and I picked up a few sets in the Boots sale.

I love the ‘classic’ Sanctuary smell – it is so distinctive and instantly recognisable!

I got this lip balm in one of the sets. I have to admit that I always forget to carry lip balm so often end up with chapped dry lips and cold sores. Not good! After my most recent dry skin outbreak I remembered I had this lip balm and have been carrying it with me since!


I love the texture of it. It’s smooth and silky and just feels like it would be great at hydrating dry lips! It has a very subtle scent and my lips tingle a little when I apply this, which I quite like.


It has definitely earned a place in my daily make up routine!

You can buy this lip balm from Sanctuary’s website. It is £4.19.

What lip balms would you recommend for sore dry lips?

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E-tail Blogger Competition

Hello readers!
I recently joined the E-tail Bloggers Network and spied a great competition to win £75 to spend at Marc B and £175 to spend at ASOS so I just have to enter! Marc B is one of my favourite accessory brands and ASOS is my go-to site for clothing & footwear purchases!


As I have mentioned before, I am off to Spain in May, to a little town called Loja near Malaga. My boyfriend’s parents live there and I can’t wait to explore! The weather there is generally very warm so I have based my outfit around this.

I am in love with this dress from the petite range at ASOS. The paisley pattern is right on trend and it looks light & floaty which is what I need! I love the petite range at ASOS, they have a bigger selection that any other store I know of! I have added the cute red waist belt to tone in with the colours of the dress and some cute sandals which would be perfect for walks around the town and trips to the beach! The spiked necklace keeps this outfit right up to date and adds a bit of ‘edge’. Makeup would be kept very light and simple so I would use this Rimmel BB cream and a touch of Korres lip butter.

I have chosen the Olive soft tan bag from Marc B. I mentioned this bag in a previous post as I think it is a very adaptable colour and style so I could wear it with any outfit! I love the size as it would be perfect for holding all my essentials including water, my camera, purse and suncream.

Take a look at Marc B’s new arrivals here and check out the competition blog post here

Thanks for reading!

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Soap & Glory Hand Food

Hello lovelies.
I am definitely a bit late jumping on to the Soap & Glory bandwagon only now! I received my first two Soap & Glory products for Christmas from a very dear friend, one of which was Hand Food. I suffer from quite dry hands as I never wear gloves when I’m cleaning (I’m a bit OCD) and the chemicals have wreaked havoc with my skin, so I was grateful to receive this as I’ve heard amazing things about the brand in general.


First of all, I love the packaging. Bright without being tacky and definitely eye catching. I also love how the Soap & Glory folks use catchy quirky names for all of their products!

Hand Food is “non-greasy” and “hydrating” with “shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow.” It has a pleasant subtle scent which is great as I hate overly fragrant skin products. The texture is lovely, very light and blends easily. I type alot at work so can’t really afford to be sitting waiting for hand cream to soak in! It does feel a little greasy for a while after application which does bother me slightly, and I’m not sure it is making a great difference in softening and caring for my hands.
I like the product and overall would score it 3.5 out of 5, however I do prefer the L’Occitane hand creams and will be sticking with them in future.

This is the one I least like out of the three Soap & Glory products I now own. I’ll review the others in due course!

Have you tried this hand cream?

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