Internacionale-ly Incredible

I never saw Internacionale as a go-to clothing store. Nothing about it ever appealed to me. Until now! How utterly amazing has its transformation been?! It’s gone from being dark, dismal and out of touch, to fresh, intriguing and modern. And most importantly, thoroughly affordable!

I made a trip in yesterday, seduced by the clean lines and gorgeous new arrivals at the entrance. Here is a (small) selection of my current Internacionale must haves!


1. Blue marl slub tshirt dress £12.99
2. Purple purse £5.99
3. Fox jumper £19.99
4. Black dip hem dress £16.99
5. Midwash denim shirt £17.99
6. Khaki parka £44.99
7. Peace sign scarf £5.99
8. Khaki skinnies £12.00 (special offer)
9. Moustache scarf £5.99
10. Earrings £5.99
11. Tan bag £12.99
12. Tan stud boots £24.99

The parka is an absolute must-buy for me. It looks perfect for spring (it’s never really that warm here…)

Do you ever buy from Internacionale? Which item are you craving most?


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