Cowboy boots obsession

Hello everyone,

I have been struggling to find a pair of boots that are a) comfortable (I walk alot!) b) stylish and c) reasonably priced. Most cheap boots don’t last or are uncomfortable and I really don’t have alot of spare cash at the moment so can’t splash out! So imagine my excitement when I found these Rocketdog ‘Satire’ boots on Amazon for just £15!

The price has now shot up to £40 plus £4 delivery so I suppose I was lucky! I impatiently waited for them to arrive and couldn’t contain my excitement when I tried them on and exclaimed “I HAVE FOUND COMFORTABLE HEELED BOOTS!!!!” Admittedly, they were a little difficult to get my feet into at first, even though I don’t have wide feet, but this improved massively after wearing them for a few hours. The lining is so soft and warm and I don’t even realise they have heels! Okay, it’s not a high heel, but it’s just enough to make my legs look better and take my look from lazy student to 23 year old office worker.

I have requested a black pair for Christmas from my sister 🙂

You can buy these on Amazon:
or eBay. Prices vary.


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