Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara review & boot sale purchase!

I received the new Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara in the post the other day from Glamour magazine. It was a competition prize I wasn’t expecting so was happy to receive it as I had wanted to try it!


I don’t really like the bright orange packaging but this is good value at £6.99 for 12ml from Boots.


The brush is nice and thick but I tend to prefer thinner brushes as they give an overall more natural effect.

I’ve been using this for the past couple of days and sadly am not overly impressed. The mascara goes on well and makes my eyelashes look long and curly and nicely separated:


However, after a few hours, the mascara has completely worn off and my eyelashes are back to how they were before I applied it! So unfortunately this product isn’t much good for me as I can’t keep applying throughout the day. I love mascaras that are long lasting, such as the Body Shop Big & Curvy mascara, which is the best I’ve used to date, even better than Benefit Bad Gal!


You can head over to the product page on the Boots site and read the reviews. Scandal Eyes mascara has only scored 3 stars out of 5 from customer reviews. I would score it 2.5 out of 5 as it is mediocre but I will continue using it, although will probably layer it with another mascara.

Today I am wearing this gorgeous Lipsy blouse:



It only cost £3 from the car boot sale I went to on Sunday!


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