I love Poundland

I have been on the hunt for Stila products in Poundland since I read that they were now stocking the range, so you can imagine my delight when I picked some up yesterday!

I managed to grab the SPF 30 tinted moisturiser in warm (dark 02):



I also got three of the foundation powder refills just in case they run out as they are a nice light colour for my ghostly pale skin!



The dark tinted moisturiser is for my sister who can carry off a darker colour, and it really isn’t too dark once applied.

I also went home with a mini beauty set consisting of Russian doll tweezers, nail files and a compact mirror (obsessed with Russian dolls so had to buy it!), Schwartzkopt Gliss shampoo (which I think is normally around two or three quid), lots of chocolate (of course), a set of make up brushes that look really lovely, four blade razors, and a Dora the Explorer book for my little niece. Very impressed with my haul yesterday! Might call in again today to a different store!


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